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Decoding Decoding TV - Rich People Have Feelings TooListen now (42 min) | David Cho joins Decoding TV for a bonus episode about 'Succession.'
The Bachelor S27E11-E12 - Pick Me, Choose Me, Love MeListen now (71 min) | Justin and Daejah discuss the conclusion to this season's 'The Bachelor.'
Love Is Blind Season 4 Eps 1-5 - Rise of the Mean GirlsListen now (101 min) | David and @joyonapping return to Decoding Reality to discuss the newest season of 'Love Is Blind.'
Succession S4E01 - The MunstersÉcoutez maintenant (74 min) | The Roys are back in town.
Succession Season 3 Look-Back and Season 4 PreviewListen now (60 min) | David Chen and Kim Renfro reflect back on season 3 of 'Succession' and look forward to season 4.
The Bachelor S27E10 - Sweet Suite Fantasy BabyListen now (66 min) | Justin and Daejah discuss the 10th episode of this season's 'Bachelor.'
The Last of Us Season 1 Post-MortemListen now (60 min) | David and Christian reflect on a memorable season of post-apocalyptic television.
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