Oct 30, 2022 • 51M

Introducing Decoding Reality (A New Podcast Experiment) - Love Is Blind S3E01-E04

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In Decoding Reality, amazing co-hosts from around the internet analyze the latest and greatest reality TV shows.
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In its short existence so far, Decoding TV subjects have typically resembled a certain type of show: prestige dramas that benefit from speculation, theorizing, and deep analysis. But this type of show can’t possibly encompass everyone’s interests in TV. So, what if we tried covering shows that are basically the opposite of all of those things?

Enter Decoding Reality, a new podcast experiment. The goal of this podcast is to cover the latest and greatest in reality TV. I don’t know how long this podcast will run, which shows we’ll cover, or what cadence we’ll be posting at. But what I can guarantee is that it’ll be loose and fun, so feel free to join in and give it a listen!

In this inaugural episode, David and his wife @joyonapping discuss the first three episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 now streaming on Netflix. Why does this series entice us and vex us in equal measure? Which couples do we think will actually make it out of this process intact? And is there anything redeemable to be found in this show? Listen to find out!

We’ll be back very soon with our recap of the next few episodes, and we will be recapping the remaining episodes of this season as time goes on. As FYI, the Love Is Blind: Season 3 finale will air on November 9, 2022.

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