Jul 17 • 32M

Justified: City Primeval Preview (with Sarah Marrs)

Sarah Marrs joins Decoding TV to cover 'Justified: City Primeval.'

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Hey Decoding TV,

David Chen here. Justified is a show that’s dear to my heart, so when I heard that they were going to be rebooting it for the streaming era, I was…apprehensive? Justified was one of the few shows that was not only enjoyable throughout its entire run, but also stuck the landing after six seasons. With the first two episodes of Justified: City Primeval hitting Hulu and FX this week, will the reboot bring the show into the modern era, or just become proof that with some great shows, you should leave well enough alone? I’m not sure, but we’re going to find out together!

Joining me for weekly recaps and reviews of Justified: City Primeval is Sarah Marrs. Sarah is the deputy editor of Lainey Gossip and her work has appeared at Decider and Pajiba. But she’s also one of the biggest Justified fans I’m aware of, having watched the entire run of the show many times. I’m so thrilled she’ll be joining us to share her love and expertise of Justified!

In this preview episode, we discuss what we love about the original Justified, recap the biggest story beats of the show that might be relevant for newcomers, share how we feel about the reboot, and speculate on what we might see on Justified: City Primeval. Justified: City Primeval will premiere tomorrow (July 18th) with its first two episodes, then air weekly. You should expect a weekly recap within 1-2 days of when each episode airs.

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