Jan 19 • 37M

The Bachelor: Season 27 Preview (with Justin and Daejah)

Decoding Reality kicks off its coverage of The Bachelor: Season 27 with two new co-hosts.

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David Chen here. Part of my mission with Decoding TV has been to introduce my audience to new and exciting voices in the world of pop culture. That’s why I’m so excited to kick off our coverage of The Bachelor: Season 27 today with Justin Jordan and Daejah Woolery!

I’ve been so impressed with Justin and Daejah’s smart and incisive commentary on Tiktok and I wanted to figure out a way to bring their insights under the Decoding TV banner. With a new season of The Bachelor kicking off next week, a unique opportunity presented itself and I’m so glad they’ve agreed to recap this show for the Decoding Reality podcast!

In this special preview episode, we discuss The Bachelor’s enduring appeal. What makes it such a unique and useful pop culture artifact? What have been the pleasures and the mistakes of recent seasons? Plus, what are we looking forward to (or not looking forward to) in season 27? Subscribers will receive weekly recaps in their podcast feeds. I hope you’ll join us and follow along this season.

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