Loving it so far.

Though I’ll say I’m a bit disturbed at peoples’ reactions to Harper declining the (champagne…wine?) alcohol.

Not just this podcast, but online as well.

No one should ever have to justify why they’re turning down food or drinks, especially alcohol.

Maybe she’s pregnant, maybe she’s a recovering alcoholic, or maybe she just doesn’t want a glass.

Her husband did suggest just holding the glass, but she shouldn’t have to do that.

People shouldn’t have to put on performances in order to make other people feel better.

They should have accepted a simple “no thank you” and moved on from it.

Pressuring someone to drink is way more of a social faux pas than her declining it.

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I was late to White Lotus S1 and missed all the buzz so I am really looking forward to collaboration and coverage

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Whooooo!! Welcome, Roxana!

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