Decoding Decoding TV - Rich People Have Feelings TooListen now (42 min) | David Cho joins Decoding TV for a bonus episode about 'Succession.'
Succession S4E01 - The MunstersÉcoutez maintenant (74 min) | The Roys are back in town.
Succession Season 3 Look-Back and Season 4 PreviewListen now (60 min) | David Chen and Kim Renfro reflect back on season 3 of 'Succession' and look forward to season 4.
The Last of Us Season 1 Post-MortemListen now (60 min) | David and Christian reflect on a memorable season of post-apocalyptic television.
The Last of Us S1E09 - Look for the LightListen now (72 min) | Joel and Ellie's journey comes to an explosive conclusion, for now.
Bonus Ep. - Videogame vs. Show Frame-By-Frame Comparisons, The Saga of DavidListen now (39 min) | David and Christian discuss episode 8 of 'The Last of Us' and how it compares with the game.
The Last of Us S1E08 - When We Are In NeedListen now (76 min) | A thrilling episode amps up the violence and the horror.
Bonus Ep. - Ellie's Fascination with Violence, The 'Left Behind' DLCListen now (35 min) | David and Christian break down the 'Left Behind' DLC

February 2023

The Last of Us S1E07 - Left BehindListen now (64 min) | A contemplative episode teaches us about how Ellie became who she is.
Bonus Ep. - The Politics of 'The Last Of Us,' Joel and Tommy's StoryListen now (39 min) | David and Christian break down the latest changes the show makes to Joel's storyline.
The Last of Us S1E06 - KinListen now (70 min) | “Be careful who you put your faith in. The only people who can betray us are the ones we trust.”
Bonus Ep. - Child Resiliency, The Saga of Henry and Sam, What 'The Last of Us' Is Trying to SayListen now (49 min) | David and Christian break down the Henry and Sam storyline.