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Bonus Ep. - The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (with Ashley Esqueda and Siddhant Adlakha)

1899 Season 1 Review

Bonus Ep. - The White Lotus Season 2 Post-Mortem

Five Questions We Have About HBO's 'The Last of Us' (with Christian Spicer)

A Cast of Kings Bonus Ep. - Dispatch from the Game of Thrones Official Fan Convention

The White Lotus S2E07 - Arrivederci

The White Lotus Season 2 Finale - Initial Reactions

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Love Is Blind Season 3 - Everything That's Happened Since (Holiday Update)

The White Lotus S2E06 - Abductions

The Crown S5E07 thru S5E10 - No Woman’s Land, Gunpowder, Couple 31, Decommissioned

Decoding TV Bonus Ep. - Andor Season 1 Post-Mortem

The White Lotus S2E05 - That's Amore

The Crown S5E04 thru S5E06 - Annus Horribilis, The Way Ahead, Ipatiev House

The White Lotus Bonus Ep: Understanding Lucia/Mia, Cam and Ethan's Dynamic, Predictions for the End of the Season

Welcome to Chippendale's Season Premiere Review (Eps 1-2)

Andor S1E12 - Rix Road

The White Lotus S2E4 - In The Sandbox

The Crown S5E01 thru S5E03 - Queen Victoria Syndrome, The System, Mou Mou

Andor S1E11 - Daughter of Ferrix

The White Lotus S2E03 - Bull Elephants

Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale and Reunion Episode

Andor S1E10 - One Way Out

The White Lotus S2E02 - Italian Dream

The Crown: Season 4 Lookback and Season 5 Preview

Emergency Podcast: Westworld Has Been Cancelled

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 8-10

Andor S1E09 - Nobody's Listening!

House of the Dragon Season 1 Post-Mortem

The White Lotus S2E01 - Ciao

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 5-7

Introducing Decoding Reality (A New Podcast Experiment) - Love Is Blind S3E01-E04

Andor S1E08 - Narkina 5

The White Lotus - Season 1 Lookback and Season 2 Preview (with Roxana Hadadi)

House of the Dragon S1E10 - The Black Queen

The Black Queen (HOTD Ep. 10) - Quick Reactions

Decoding TV Bonus Ep. - The Rings of Power Season 1 Post-Mortem

A Cast of Kings Bonus Ep. - Reflecting on the Future of the Franchise, Book Differences for Episode 9, That Time The Episode Was Dark, Season 1 Finale Predictions

Andor S1E07 - Announcement

House of the Dragon S1E09 - The Green Council

The Rings of Power S1E08 - Alloyed

She-Hulk S1E09 - Whose Show Is This?

Andor S1E06 - The Eye

House of the Dragon S1E08 - The Lord of the Tides

The Lord of the Tides (HOTD Ep. 8) - Quick Reactions

Decoding TV Bonus Ep. - Werewolf By Night

The Rings of Power S1E07 - The Eye

She-Hulk S1E08 - Ribbit and Rip It

A Cast of Kings Bonus Ep. - How Deaths in the Book Differed from the Show, Recap Culture, Filling in the Time Jump Gaps

Andor S1E05 - The Axe Forgets

House of the Dragon S1E07 - Driftmark

Driftmark (HOTD Ep. 7) - Quick Reactions

The Rings of Power S1E06 - Udun

She-Hulk S1E07 - The Retreat

Andor S1E04 - Aldhani

House of the Dragon S1E06 - The Princess and the Queen

The Princess and the Queen (HOTD Ep. 6) - Quick Reactions

The Rings of Power S1E05 - Partings

She-Hulk S1E06 - Just Jen

Andor S1E01 thru S1E03 - Kassa, That Would Be Me, Reckoning

A Cast of Kings Bonus Ep. - Spartacus, Why Viserys Favors Rhaenyra, The Status of George's Books, What Happened to Ser Criston

Revisiting 'Rogue One' and kicking off our 'Andor' coverage (with Patrick H. Willems)

House of the Dragon S1E05 - We Light the Way

We Light the Way (HOTD Ep. 5) - Quick Reactions

The Rings of Power S1E04 - The Great Wave

She-Hulk S1E05 - Mean, Green, and Straight Poured Into These Jeans

Bonus Ep. - Time Jumps in 'House of the Dragon', Who's The Protagonist of the Show?

Bonus Ep. - When the Hobbits Wear Your Merch

House of the Dragon S1E04 - King of the Narrow Sea

King of the Narrow Sea (HOTD Ep. 4) - Quick Reactions

The Rings of Power S1E03 - Adar

She-Hulk S1E04 - Is This Not Real Magic?

House of the Dragon S1E03 - Second of His Name

Second of His Name (HOTD Ep. 3) - Quick Reactions

The Rings of Power S1E01 and E02 - A Shadow of the Past and Adrift

She-Hulk S1E03 - The People vs. Emil Blonsky

Bonus Ep. - Shows with the Same Theme Songs, The Dondarrions, Egg Magic

How to get ready for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (and introducing Don Marshall!)

House of the Dragon S1E02 - The Rogue Prince

The Rogue Prince (HOTD Ep. 2) - Quick Reactions

She-Hulk S1E02 - Superhuman Law

Bonus Ep. - The Doom of Valyria, Nymeria, HBO Ratings, Maegor the Cruel, Prophecies in Westeros

House of the Dragon S1E01 - The Heirs of the Dragon

She-Hulk S1E01 - A Normal Amount of Rage

The Three Things George R. R. Martin Wanted To Include in 'House of the Dragon'

Bonus Ep. - Better Call Saul Series Finale Post-Mortem - "Saul Gone"

Westworld S4E8 - Que Será, Será

How 'House of the Dragon' Will Tackle Violence (Plus: Thoughts on Spoilers)

Decoding Westworld S4E7 - Metanoia

Westworld S4E6 - Fidelity (with Bonus)

Dispatch from the House of the Dragon premiere

Westworld S4E5 - Zhuangzi

House of the Dragon Official Trailer Breakdown and THR/EW Story Revelations

House of the Dragon Preview (and Introducing Kim Renfro!)

Westworld S4E4 - Generation Loss (with Bonus)

Westworld S4E3 - Années Folles (with Bonus)

Westworld S4E2 - Well Enough Alone (with Bonus)

Welcome to A Cast of Kings on Decoding TV!

Westworld S4E1 - The Auguries (with Bonus)

Decoding Westworld Season 3 Lookback and Season 4 Preview

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